Sunday, November 9, 2014

Where Two Or More

This has been coming up a lot lately...

“Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Mark 18:19-20

It seems this scripture is quoted so much, that we really don't know the depth of what it means.  He is there.  Meditate on that...

Set List for November 6, 2014

We Believe - Newsboys
You Are Good - Bethel
Jesus Paid it All
Break Every Chain

Thank you, Father.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Worship is Kind of a Big Deal

Worship Is Kind of a Big Deal – Matthew 13:44-46
In the simplest sense, worship is ascribing value and worth to God.  Jesus tells a couple stories reminding us that when you have something that is valuable, you treasure and worship it. What we do each weekend when we press pause from the regular rigors of life and worship corporately is a pretty big deal. People were created for worship. God’s design for us is to come together in community and to worship Him. You know how much you really value something by how much you treasure it.  Worship is not an add on to life or a supplemental thing that’s good when it fits in our schedule. It is something to be devoted to as was the early church.

Let it Rise - YouTube
He is Yahweh - YouTube
One Thing Remains - YouTube
Shekinah - YouTube
The Greatness of Our God - YouTube
Be Thou Exalted - YouTube
Worthy of it All - YouTube
Always Faithful - YouTube

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Worship August 12

Solid – Rock Solid Living – Matthew 7:24-29

Jesus ends the Sermon on the Mount with this parable about wise living and foolish living. You can either be smart about life or be a fool. The difference is the foundation you choose to build your life upon.

The two people in the story build their lives on very different principles. You can build your life on sand or you can build your life on these principles Jesus gives. These are not idle words. They come with time-tested authority. Even Jesus’ sharpest critics saw something different in His teaching. Other teachers spoke “by” authority, but He spoke “with” authority. Jesus was so confident of the truth of His own words that He dared call those who obeyed Him “wise” and those who disobeyed “foolish.”

How important is the Sermon on the Mount? Can you simply take it or leave it? Not according to Jesus who concludes the sermon by saying these words are a matter of life and death. These are the truths the Christian life is built upon. Hearing is not enough. Believing them to be truth is not enough. Memorizing and preaching and singing and celebrating and defending what you’ve heard are not enough. We must be act upon them, do them, and obey them. We must return to these truths again and again to build a victorious, kingdom life

Set List for August 12, 2012
Marvelous Light YouTube
He is Yahweh YouTube
Shekinah YouTube
My Soul Sings YouTube
O For A Thousand Tongues YouTube

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Aftermath – Luke 24:1-35

     After the crucifixion, when Jesus appeared to His followers, they were not able to recognize Him – but Jesus soon assumed His familiar role as the One who had turned their lives around. He explained to them all that had happened, all that had seemed so strange, including the Christ having to suffer and die before entering His glory – all was part of God’s plan to redeem the entire world.
     It was the ultimate turn-around. Jesus who had died in agony, was before them, explaining how God had ordained it for His glory and their good. God’s purpose for us is that we would be a part of that new life, for His glory, as we trust Him who died and rose for us.

Easter, April 8, 2012 Set

My Savior Lives YouTube
Happy Day YouTube
Fairest Lord Jesus YouTube
Your Great Name YouTube

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

180 – Celebration – John 12:12-19

     The crowds in Bethany greeted Jesus by waving palm branches and shouting “Hosanna”. During the next few days, Jesus challenged the religious leaders and drove crooks out of the temple. In just a few days the people made a complete 180⁰. Jesus didn’t live up to their immediate expectations so they shouted, “Crucify Him!” They killed Him because He wasn’t the One they had bargained for. And like people today and people in all times who want Jesus, they want a Jesus of their own invention. They want the Jesus who walks in and says, “I’m going to solve all your problems. I’m going to deliver you from all your enemies and make life wonderful for you.” They don’t want a Jesus who is going to come into the city and immediately clean up a dirty house. .
     How many times do you proclaim the greatness of God or celebrate His goodness and then when things don’t go right shake your fist at Him? We would never admit that we’ve done that. We might instead turn to quiet resentment. Which crowd do you identify with? Is it those who sang “Hosanna” or those who said, “Crucify Him?” Do you want the Jesus you’ve invented or do you want the new life that following this rebel king Jesus will bring? Is this where you need to make a 180⁰?

Set List for April 1

Hosanna (Praise is Rising)  YouTube
Hallelujah (Your Love is Amazing) YouTube
Amazing Love (You Are My King) YouTube
Hosanna (I See the King of Glory) YouTube

Friday, March 23, 2012

180 – Extravagant – John 12:1-11

After dinner, Mary demonstrated her devotion to Jesus and her understanding of what was ahead for Him. She took a large amount of expensive perfume, perhaps worth about $25,000 in today’s economy, and poured it out over Jesus’ feet. She began to wipe His feet with her hair. All that she considered most valuable was devoted to Jesus and she demonstrated that by pouring out that perfume. She had experienced an abundance of life change and all that was her abundance was given to Him.
Judas, in contrast, had a scarcity mentality. The perfume was being wasted, in his view. His life had not experienced the same life change as Mary’s had – and all he could see were dollar signs. In the end, Mary is commended by Jesus and Judas is rebuked. The perfume was not the most valuable entity in that room. Jesus and the lives He had changed were most valuable – they were the abundance. Mary knew where her abundance really was – Judas thought abundance was in a valuable item. Mary gave evidence of her abundant life change in her devotion to Jesus. How can you and I give evidence of the abundance of joy, grace, significance and meaning that Jesus has brought to us as we live out our lives for Him this week?

Set List for March 25, 2012

O Praise Him - YouTube
How Great is Our God - YouTube
Forever Reign - YouTube
Jesus Paid it All  -  YouTube

Monday, March 19, 2012

March 18, 2012

This is a guest post from Calvary Church. Since our children's church has recently studied Zacchaeus I thought this would be a great post to start. This is also a series on 180 (you'll get it)
180 – Initiation – Luke 19:1-10

Hearing that Jesus was coming to town, Zacchaeus climbed up a tree to get a better view. As Jesus passed by, He stopped, looked up, and said, “Come down Zacchaeus, I want to hang out at your place today.” That got the crowd talking, especially the religious leaders in the community. This was contemptible in their minds, and they spoke their minds.You see, Zacchaeus was a tax collector and the Jewish people opposed the Roman empire’s taxes because they supported a government that worshiped pagan gods. But that night something transformational happened to Zacchaeus. His life took a 180⁰ and he became a changed man. Why else would a rich swindler give half his wealth to the poor and offer to pay back anybody he’d cheated four times over what he took?What caused Zacchaeus to do a 180⁰ and head off in a new direction? He encountered the man whose mission was to seek and save the lost. I’m sure Zacchaeus expected the same kind of attitude from Jesus that he got from all the other religious leaders – rejection, disdain, and judgment. But instead of looking past him, Jesus looked into his eyes and said, “If you want to go up, you’ve got to come down.”

Worship Set for March 18
- You Are Good
- Sing to the King
- Our God
- You're the God of this City
- How Great is Our God
- How Great Thou Art